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Almond chocolate cake with vegan chocolate icing

Does this cake look good or what?!!

I love food (just in case you can't tell ) and I love feeling well and staying healthy

But food is SO much more than just calories and nutrients, even though often it gets reduced to this,

Its a core part of health and wellbeing, and I believe it should do much more than just filling our tummies

It should : - nourish the body (ie give us the nutrients we need to feed our bodies and keep them well) - nourish the mind (provide nutrition for the brain, and give enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction) - nourish the soul (provide a connection to our environment, to others, and to our deepest sense of wellbeing)

Reducing food to counting calories, using it to reach a goal, or eating without enjoyment means we miss out on these things

Instead, why not try think of the following when you buy, grow, prepare, and eat food.. - does this food give my body and mind the nutrients it needs (ie focus on including as many nourishing foods in your diet as you can)? - do I enjoy eating and preparing this food? - am I eating for the right reasons (ie for enjoyment, hunger, wellbeing etc rather than boredom, loneliness, mindlessly)? - am I appreciating this food and is it feeding my soul (ie eating mindfully, eating with others, slowing down and enjoying it)

This cake is one of our favourites - it's definitely a treat food but it's SO good!!

I made it for a birthday cake for my son one year, we've loved it ever since

Super easy, full of healthy fat and protein and nutrients (thanks to the Almond meal and cocoa), and low in added sugar to help keep energy and mood stable. It's also not super sweet so you can enjoy it without triggering off sugar cravings

I used free range eggs but you can sub flax eggs to make it fully plant based

I also substituted half the maple syrup for coconut sugar, as maple syrup isn't cheap in nz!!!

I used this icing with whittakers 70% dark chocolate, it was super quick to microwave (you can do it on a double boiler if you want to be fancy but it worked fine)

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