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Baked brown rice mushroom risotto


inter comfort food 😊

🌾On cold grey winter days most people start to crave heavier more calorie dense meals - I'm pretty sure it's an inbuilt survival instinct to tell the body to build up food stores for the cooler months!!

🌾Finding healthy options can be a challenge sometimes when you just want carbs - often creating a twist on a familiar food can be a great trick

🌾This mushroom and oregano risotto is made with brown rice rather than white, and is baked - no stirring needed!

🌾Served with a big side salad (leaves, toasted seeds, capsicum, olives, sundried tomatoes and a bit of feta) and some brocolli, means a satisfying healthy meal full of nutrients that still hits the spot ;-)

🌾I used parmesan (we eat about 95% vegan but still have occasional cheese), but you can switch this for a vegan butter or cheese to be fully plant based if you wish 😊

🌾Recipe here

🌾Contains 70% of daily fibre, over 100% of daily B1, B6, B3, folate, vitamin A, vit K, vit E, zinc, and vit C requirements, 50% of iron, 40% of protein, and 30% of calcium

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