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'Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible'. (Dalai lama)

👥Kindness is something that so often gets overlooked in our modern world - we strive to be successful, smart, creative, wealthy, adventurous... But without kindness life really is meaningless

👥Kindness includes being kind to yourself, others, and the environment /other living beings

👥One of my biggest goals in parenting, is to raise kind compassionate children - I have two young boys, and sadly kindness is not something often promoted or talked about as a goal for men - yet if it were, we would have so much more happiness and peace in the world

👥If you are kind, you:

- do not start fights/wars

- do not deliberately hurt others through words or actions

- do not take advantage of others

- do not put yourself ahead of everyone else at their expense

- do not abuse your power

- do not ignore the suffering of others

- automatically become connected with others, which is one of the key facets of health and wellbeing

👥Yet kindness cannot be forced - it can only be given freely, and children learn from example far more than words. It is also given unconditionally

👥If we model kindness and put it above all else, people treasure it.

👥Children are naturally kind, yet they learn to mask this, or suppress it. They will copy what they see - whether this is kindness, or cruelty

👥Kindness also has many health benefits. It:

-releases oxytocin (the 'love hormone')

-oxytocin improves self esteem, and empathy, reduces blood pressure, and actually protects the heart

- reduces stress levels (reduces cortisol)

-improves mood (releases serotonin)

-reduces pain (releases endorphins)

-makes you happier (via endorphins)

-even makes you live longer!! (oxytcontin slows aging)

👥The kindness gene is one of the oldest genes in our dna - which shows how important it has been for human survival

👥It's also highly contagious - studies have shown it has an R value of 4-5 - meaning each time you are kind to someone, that person will be kind to a further 4-5 people. The R value of covid is around 2-3 in comparison 😉

👥Kindness is literally the antidote to stress and unhappiness in the modern world 💙

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