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Brain fog and mental fatigue

While brain fog is not an official diagnosis, it's a super common symptom that's often poorly understood

🌱Think of your brain as a muscle - if its fuel cannot keep up with its needs, it gets tired and doesn't function well

🌱Causes of brain fog include :

- sleep deprivation

- diets high in added sugar/refined carbs/ and low in nutrients

- nutrient deficiency (b12, vit d, iron)

- chronic stress

- food intolerance (ie msg, gluten, although the evidence isn't that clear)

- medications (ie sleeping tablets, antihistamines, anticholinergics, tricyclic antidepressants, statins, epileptic medication, and opiates)

- medical conditions (ie chemo, fibro, lupus, MS, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, thyroid )

🌱If brain fog is a new symptom ALWAYS see your doctor to get blood tests and a checkup, as well as to review medications

🌱The following strategies can help brain fog :

🌱Sleep - The brain needs sleep to flush out metabolic waste, form memories, and grow new cells.

Aim for 7-9h quality sleep per night, it's vital

🌱Diet - your brain needs good fuel. Refined carbs, ultra processed foods, and high sugar foods are all common causes of brain fog

Aim for a variety ofwhole plant foods, as well as adequate omega 3 and healthy fats. Dark green veges, berries, oily fish, and nuts /seeds are all excellent

🌱Stress - chronic stress both damages brain cells through oxidation, and reduces new brain cell formation. Remove as many stresses as you can, as well as practicing stress reduction (meditation, deep breathing, nature therapy, laughter etc)

🌱Exercise is important, it improves blood flow to the brain, reduces stress, and forms new brain cells. Any exercise is helps!!!

🌱Active thinking and decision making is tiring for your brain

Try minimise this by :

- reducing clutter and mess

- taking regular breaks (ie switching off technology, going outside, listening to music etc)

- creating routines (habits use less brain energy)

- simplifying tasks ie shopping once a week, reducing commitments, delegating, make lists

-breaking jobs into small steps

🌱Create diversity, brains loves change! Try new environments and sensations, it's like moving a muscle differently😊

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