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Cacao seed sprinkle - yum!!!

Thanks to @anourishingnotion for this recipe, its my new favourite

Sprinkle over Muesli, breakfast bowls, chia pudding, apple crumble and even weetbix - it's a super easy way to boost your plant based omega 3, healthy fats, and protein for the day

Its also very high in fibre and prebiotics for a happy gut!

I used a mix of equal amounts of - Brazil nuts (for selenium) - pumpkin and sunflower seeds (zinc, vit e) - flaxseed (omega 3, b vitamins, magnesium) - Walnuts (omega 3, b vitamins, magnesium) With a sprinkle of raw cacao nibs to taste (yummy plus great antioxidant)

You can pretty much use whatever mix you like, chia seeds are also great

Blend up in a food processor until crumble consistency then store in an airtight container in the fridge, then sprinkle on whatever food you like (it even tastes great by itself!!)

I've been putting it on our homemade muesli and my kids weetbix (despite all my best efforts they still aren't keen on homemade muesli, and store-bought ones are usually very high in choosing my battles )

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