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Cauliflower chickpea spinach curry (vegan)

Friday night curry!!

🌱This cauliflower chickpea coconut and spinach curry is such an easy delicious comfort food for the end of the week

🌱Served with steamed brown basmati rice, coconut yoghurt and lentil poppadoms, it packs in an impressive 28g fibre per serve (almost 100% of daily requirements!) as well as 30g protein.

🌱If you're short on time then frozen prechopped cauliflower and a ginger garlic paste works well, along with canned chickpeas and tomato - it literally takes about 10min prep time even chopping everything from scratch!!

🌱A great gut friendly meal loaded with nutrition, and super cheap to make too - my kids gobbled it down 😉

Recipe here

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