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Happiness and meaning

😊I love how kids get so absorbed in each moment - they are focused and alive and full of joy

😊As adults we often lose this ability, due to worrying about the past/future, rather than living in the present

😊One of the most inspirational podcasts I've listened to was by mo gawdat, former CBO of Google x, and author of solve for happy.

😊His solution for happiness is so sensible, yet so simple

😊Happiness is when experiences = expectations

😊Ie you can have very little but be fully content, or have so much and be desperately unhappy - it all depends on your perceptions

😊Having been fortunate enough to travel widely around the world, I've seen this so many times - possessions do not equal happiness. In fact often the opposite occurs..

😊To be truly happy, try doing three simple things on a daily basis

1) practicing gratitude and appreciating what you already have.

This sounds too simple, but it actually builds 'happiness connections' in your brain, and is a self perpetuating action

The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the happier you feel!

2) practicing kindness, empathy, and aiming to improve the lives of others around you

This is actually proven in scientific research to not only make you happy, but also make you healthier and even live longer!!

3) becoming mindful. All this means, is trying to be truly present in each moment - noticing it, and enjoying it, rather than worrying about the past or thinking into the future

It's so simple yet so effective

If you want more lifestyle and happiness tips please follow and share @thesimplicitydoctor

If you would like to hear the full podcast (highly recommended) it's here

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