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Home made raw muesli

Plant based breakfast!

❤️I'd planned to do a 'what we eat in a day' but totally forgot to photograph lunch 😂

❤️So here's breakfast anyway...

❤️Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is so important (you can delay this if fasting)

❤️So often breakfasts are high in sugar, or high in refined carbs (think commercial cereals, juice, pancakes, or toast with jam), which leads to a blood sugar drop a few hours later... Then you reach for the biscuits 😬

❤️Having a high fibre low gi breakfast packed with healthy fat and protein keeps me full and focused till lunch!!

❤️When I used to eat toast and coffee, I'd usually be starving after a couple of hours, then cranky by late morning..

❤️If you struggle with mid morning cravings, try switching around breakfast to add more fibre/plant based fat and protein, and avoid high gi foods (ie juice, jam, white toast, sugary cereal)

❤️Breakfast was home made raw muesli, frozen defrosted berries (can substitute any fruit), home made coconut yoghurt, and chia seeds. If you soak the muesli in water you don't need any milk and it's more digestible

❤️Muesli is basically a mix of

-50% raw oats

-50% mix of equal quantities of raw almonds, ground linseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, and dessicated coconut

❤️If you make in bulk and store in a large airtight container, it lasts up to a week and takes seconds to serve!

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