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How to achieve happiness

'Happiness is a mismatch between our reality and our perception of reality'

While life isn't always perfect, and hard times are inevitable, we have the ability within ourselves to create our own happiness ♥️

If we constantly compare ourselves to others, or think we'll be happy if we buy just one more thing, lose those kilos, look a certain way, earn more money, or have that next amazing adventure - in reality this way of thinking means we will always be wanting more, and be dissatisfied

In contrast, focusing on what we actually have right now, and being grateful for it, means happiness is within and will stay with us despite our situation

This is something I've struggled with over the years, as I love adventure, meaning I was always thinking forward to the next trip

Yet by doing this, I was missing the beauty of the day to day...

Which in reality is most of our lives!

My children opened up a whole new world of appreciation for the little things and for living in the moment - life through their eyes gave me such gratitude for them, our lives together, and the simple things

While children have big emotions, happiness, wonder, and gratitude is truly their default

A few hours spent together in nature just absorbing the beauty around us is worth more than any possessions or material achievements ❤️

True happiness does not mean feeling positive all the time, its natural to feel sad or discouraged when things go wrong

Instead it's a feeling of contentment and inner peace that transcends all the day to day emotions

It does not mean having to stay in a toxic relationship or job, or an unsafe environment - removing or altering these is also important

Yet despite our surroundings, we also have the power to create our own happiness through our thoughts and actions

If you struggle with feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled, know that it's not something that comes overnight

Making a conscious effort to notice and be grateful for what you have is the first step - then just try to practice this each day

Over time it creates neural pathways in your brain, meaning it gets easier with time, like carving out the course of a river

It's never too late to start ❤️

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