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How to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

🌱Inflammation is how the body protects itself, and in small controlled amounts its actually a good thing 🌱When it becomes chronic or uncontrolled though, this is not so good.. 🌱Inflammation isn't just limited to autoimmune disease - its thought to underpin many chronic health issues

🌱These include mental illness, heart disease, cancer, dementia, asthma /allergies, chronic pain, diabetes, strokes, gut issues, and copd (emphysema) 🌱There is increasing evidence that lifestyle can have a huge impact on reducing inflammation, and reducing disease risk and severity 🌱Diet is key - a diet rich in whole plant foods is proven to reduce inflammation. Try including as many different plant foods (veges, fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains) as you can. Aim to eat a rainbow of colors (these all contain different nutrients) 🌱Refined carbs (white flour/rice), processed foods, added sugar, saturated fat, red meat, seed oils, trans fats, and alcohol, have all been linked with inflammation. Limit or avoid these 🌱Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory, ensure you include this regularly in your diet. Oily fish, linseed, chia seeds, and algae omega 3 supplements are all helpful 🌱Use olive oil as your main oil, this is the only oil shown to reduce (not increase) inflammation 🌱Include spices such as tumeric, ginger, and cinnamon 🌱Get adequate sleep (7-9h/night) - sleep deprivation increases inflammation and impairs healing 🌱Aim for at least 30min of moderate exercise per day as well as resistance training 2 days /week. Exercise reduces inflammation 🌱Reduce stress. Chronic stress is highly inflammatory and has been linked to most chronic diseases. Exercise, time in nature, physical touch, mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing, tai chi etc all help reduce stress and inflammation 🌱Avoid toxins such as cigarette smoke. Toxins from plastics, horticultural sprays, exhaust fumes, and household chemicals may also play a role 🌱Simplify your life and find things that make you happy! Less clutter and busyness = less stress. 🌱Be kind. Kindness increases oxytocin (the love hormone) which reduces inflammation. Plus it's highly contagious 😉15w

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