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How to use social media positively

💙Social media is something many of us have a love hate relationship with - it can be both good and bad - the key as always is balance

💙Constructive use of social media has a lot in common with mindfulness practice - it's about being aware, being conscious, and being consistent

💙Here are my top tips!

💙Check in with how you feel:

- does social media make you feel inspired and positive? Or frustrated, guilty and angry?

-think about the platforms or accounts you see or interact with most, and be honest about how they affect you. Only then can you make changes

💙Set an intention :

- using social media positively means thinking about why you want to use it

- is it to connect with people? To be inspired? To learn and research? To relax? To network? To keep up with community events?

- setting an intention gives you a sense of direction and helps you avoid browsing mindlessly.

💙Be selective :

- once you are aware of how you feel, you can curate your feed or account

-don't be afraid to delete or mute accounts that regularly make you feel upset /dissatisfied /angry

-you can also choose what appears most on your feed on Facebook in the settings

-if you still want to stay connected with people you can take a break from them without unfollowing or unfriending by muting them

💙Be present :

-don't let social media take priority over life around you, it can be highly addictive

-put your phone away /data off when with other people, and regularly switch off from social media

-if you find it taking over, then it's time to take a break or set limits

💙Set limits and take breaks :

-it's important to regularly 'detox' from social media, especially if you're finding it hard to switch off, or it's impacting you negatively

-choosing to use it when there is a time limit, tracking your time, and leaving technology out of the bedroom /switching into flight mode at a set time are all good tips

-take regular screen free days or weeks, turn off notifications, uninstall apps, logout after using etc

💙Use it positively. Social media can have many benefits if you use it right - support, inspiration, connection, ideas, learning. What you do is up to you!!

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