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rest and self compassion

This post is for all the exhausted healthcare workers, stressed carers, struggling mamas, worried business owners, overworked employees, and anyone who feels like they're being pushed to breaking point...

And in the past year this has been so many of us with the chaos in the world right now

Our culture is SO conditioned to see hard work equated with value as a person, and rest as a sign of weakness

And people often work themselves to exhaustion and burnout before realising they need to slow down

In healthcare this is especially true, we are taught from the start that we must help and keep going regardless of how we feel - most of us have worked through illness and trauma countless times, simply because we felt we couldn't let others down

Yet eventually this does so much damage

Mothers are often the same - putting everyone else's needs before their own, while secretly struggling and falling to pieces, then feeling like they're failures when they can't do everything perfectly

If this is you, please know, you aren't alone

And that you haven't failed if you need to rest, you're just human, and cannot be everything to everyone

We are simply not designed to work constantly - we are living beings, not robots

And rest is just as important as success

So this post is here to tell you:

-it's OK to rest.

-OK to stop when you are exhausted

-OK to take a day off when you just can't face going to work tomorrow

-OK to outsource jobs at home and work when you're feeling overwhelmed

-OK to ask others to help with your kids

-OK to say no to extra social activities and work commitments

-OK to just sleep or have a quiet day when there are jobs waiting to be done

-OK to tell your friends or family or kids you need some space or quiet time

-OK to not have a perfect house or perfect diet or perfect wardrobe or perfect exercise regime

YOU are the only one who knows how you're feeling and can make this call

If you're struggling, then rather than force yourself to keep going, try be honest and think about what you really need

It's far better to stop when you're exhausted, than to keep going until you break ❤️

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