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Simplicity and health

Sometimes less can be more...

And simplicity can bring freedom ❤️

I've been on a deliberate journey towards this over the past few years, inspired in part by a documentary by @theminimalists, but also in response to a world and life that seemed to be getting exponentially busier and more crowded

Minimalism ties in closely with the practice of mindfulness - decluttering your mind, your environment, and your life, with the aim of simplicity, calm, and a more peaceful contented life

By simplifying our surroundings and thoughts, it means ideas and things that are truly important to us can shine through - whether that's the smile of a child, the tranquility of sitting in the sun with a warm drink, the beauty of nature, or the richness of a deep conversation with a loved one

Clutter and busyness has a tendency to distract us and make us lose focus - meaning we can end up feeling overwhelmed, scattered, tense, or even seemingly drifting, without a horizon to aim for

This was also the inspiration behind my name, as so many patients get confused by complex and contradictory health and wellness advice

When you strip it back to the science, health is also simple - eating whole foods, mostly plants, not too much. Moving your body regularly in a way you enjoy. Prioritising good sleep and minimising stress. Avoiding harmful substances. And staying connected to others

After finishing my junior doctor years, my partner and I spent 5 years travelling the world, living out of just a backpack - the life of having only our most essential possessions, and of being free to experience and focus on the wonders of the world around us, inspired me to aim for this in the rest of life...

It's definitely a challenge at times (the demands of day to day life, two creative young children and a husband who all love collecting and making things, and the constant lack of time to declutter!) but every time I step back and deliberately start to simplify things again, it brings an incredible sense of freedom

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, too busy, or spread too thin, , try asking yourself 'what can I do to make life simpler' ❤️

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