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A prescription for change

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Health and wellbeing can seem so complicated at times, with so many opinions, advice and 'plans' to follow!!

Yet when you look at the science, it actually all boils down to a few simple things

I created the simplicity doctor, as I wanted to help people sift through all the conflicting info, and help you in your journey to wellness

Almost all chronic disease is influenced or caused by a few common factors - inflammation, diet, gut health, lack of movement, poor sleep, and stress

Even in most inherited conditions, genes only play a small part, as they can be turned on or off by environment (epigenetics), meaning you actually have a huge amount of control over your health!

These are the things backed by science, that if you combine, will optimise health and longevity : - a plant focused whole food diet with a large diversity of foods (eat a rainbow)

- limiting inflammatory foods such as red meat, refined carbs, ultra processed foods and added sugar

-reducing stress and improving resilience to stress

-movement (studies show ideally around 7000 steps /day with 2-3 days per week of resistance training)

-getting adequate sleep (less than 7h/night is linked with significantly higher risk of death and disease)

- following your circadian rhythm (time restricted eating ie eating all meals within a 10-12 hour period, having a regular sleep and wake time, eating at regular times)

-staying socially connected with others (has a direct correlation with health and life expectancy - loneliness is as harmful as smoking)

-avoiding unnecessary antibiotics and medications

- limiting exposure to environmental pollutants (air pollution, household and personal care chemicals, plastics etc)

-avoiding harmful substances (smoking and most recreational drugs, limiting alcohol)

-regularly getting into nature

While all of these take time and effort, they are literally the best investment you will ever make

You only live this life once, and the choices you make today will determine much of the rest of your life

Ultimately YOU are the only one who can take control of your health - so why not start today!!

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