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Supplements and mental health

💙 Want to know about what nutrient supplements can help with mental health, in addition to diet and lifestyle?

💙 This is a great review of the evidence

💙Methylfolate 15mg/day can help with depression and schizophrenia

💙Omega 3 (EPA) 2.2g/day can help with depression, bipolar, and adhd

💙N acetyl-cysteine 2-3/day may help with depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia, although the level of evidence is currently low

💙Vitamin d at 50,000iu/week may help with depression

💙Zinc 25mg/day had a moderate effect on depression (caution needed not to overdose as toxicity possible)

💙Probiotics may help with mild to moderate depression

💙Full details including research links in the link below 😊

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