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The health benefits of being near water

Blue space!!

💦After a busy fortnight juggling school holidays /work /meetings /visitors, what better way to recharge than a beautiful autumn paddle ❤️

💦I love how lifestyle medicine looks at the whole person, we are complex beings, and health and wellness are affected by every aspect of life.

💦Nutrition, excerise, sleep, stress, and social connections all impact on our bodies, and a holistic approach looking at all of these makes so much sense

💦I've posted on the benefits of green space (time in nature), but did you know blue space is also a thing?

💦Studies show that living or being near water has multiple health benefits :

-Reduced stress levels

-Improved mental wellbeing and mood

-Improved vitamin d levels, and better air quality (less pollution)

-Improved social connectedness

-Improved fitness (as we tend to be active near water)

-Even reduced rates of death

💦Simply visiting the beach twice a week has significant benefits for physical and mental health (around 2h/week)

💦In a large study (20,000 people), being close to the beach was consistently associated with improved well-being compared to urban environments

💦Its a great way to improve mental clarity (next time you're near water note how you feel, being near water seems to help with brain function and creativity)

💦Theres a good reason people have been drawn to water to improve well-being throughout history 😊

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