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The health benefits of eating beans!!

Did you know beans can literally add years to your life?!

🌱 While many people are aware of the benefits of eating fruit and veges, legumes are an overlooked, but vital component of a healthy diet

🌱Legumes are the seed or fruit of the Fabaceae family, this includes various types of beans, as well as peas, lentils, chickpeas, and even peanuts

🌱Legume consumption is one of the most consistent factors in long-lived cultures around the world (the 'blue zones')

🌱Legumes are actually a part of most traditional diets, yet they are often absent in western diets

🌱A 2004 study of people aged over 70 around the world actually showed that the more legumes you eat, the longer you are likely to live!!

🌱For every extra 20g of legumes eaten per day, mortality dropped by 8%.

1/2 cup of beans is around 90g - eating this amount daily would reduce mortality by over 30%

🌱Legume consumption also reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and even some forms of cancer

🌱They are packed full of nutrients:

-prebiotic fibre (feeds gut biome)

-protein (for energy and cell repair)

-b vitamins (for cellular energy and neurotransmitters)

-potassium (helps lower blood pressure)

-calcium (for strong bones and teeth)

-iron (transports oxygen around the body, and helps immune function)

- phtonutrients (lower systemic inflammation)

-they are also low GI, which stabilises blood sugar levels

🌱Beans are the protein backbone of a plant based diet, are very cheap, and are easy to use and prepare

🌱If you are short on time canned beans are great, or you can cook them in bulk and freeze

🌱Often people are worried about gas (caused by fermentation in the large bowel, ie feeding good bacteria), a good way to start is with small amounts and build up (ie 1/4 cup)

🌱Try adding them to some of your favourite meals:

-red kidney beans are good in chilli or as a meat substitute in bolognaise

-add lentils to pasta sauce, lasagne, casseroles, stews and pies

-chickpeas are great in salads or curries (or as Hummus)

-dal is an easy tasty lentil curry that you can add loads of veges to (it was one of my kids first meals!)

🌱Even once a week can improve health 😊

photo credit: all things

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