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Tiredness is probably one of the most common symptoms in general practice, and can be due to a huge range of underlying causes!

Fatigue is a constant feeling of being tired - not just due to a big day or lots of exercise, but unrelenting overwhelming exhaustion

Lifestyle medicine gives a great framework for exploring and identifying causes for tiredness - so if you struggle with fatigue, this post is for you ❤️

If you are tired all the time, the first step is to talk to your doctor about blood tests, and ruling out serious causes

These tests should include :

▪️iron studies (aim for a ferritin between 40-200 micrograms/L if female, and 50-300 if male. Ferritin can also be elevated if inflammation is present, so I also do a CRP level to check for this)

▪️ B12 (aim over 250)

▪️thyroid levels (ie normal TSH and T4)

▪️autoimmune tests (if associated symptoms, talk to your doctor about these)

▪️blood count

▪️blood sugar (Hba1c, looking for diabetes or prediabetes. Even an hba1c in the high normal range can indicate underlying insulin resistance

C peptide levels can check this)

▪️kidney and liver function

If blood tests are normal, then looking at other potential causes is next

The most common reasons include:

▪️lack of sleep (less than 7h of sleep /night)

▪️diet high in refined carbs and sugar and lacking adequate healthy protein (this causes blood sugar spikes, fatigue, and sugar craving)

▪️lack of exercise (seems ironic, but often exercise actually helps energy production!)

▪️chronic stress (constant low grade stress leads to fatigue and 'burnout', where often tiredness is the first symptom)

▪️depression (often with other symptoms ie lack of enjoyment, no motivation, feeling constantly flat, poor appetite or overeating)

▪️medications (pain medication, antihistamines, chemo, and beta blockers are all common causes)

▪️perimenopause (often associated with hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog)

▪️dietary intolerance (ie gluten or lactose intolerance)

▪️ chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Serious causes such as cancer are actually fairly rare, especially if blood tests normal

It's a complex topic, but a structured approach can really help ❤️

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