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Tofu veggie sushi bowl

🌿This is one of my go to meals when I want a simple easy vegan dinner full of healthy nutrients (ie tonight!)

🌿It's basically a deconstructed sushi bowl, and is super quick and super yum 💙

🌿Steamed brown rice with sesame seeds, crispy tofu (see below for recipe), steamed brocolli/carrots/edamame beans, raw capsicum, cashews, and miso paste. You can improvise with seasonal veges, the aim is to eat a variety of colors for maximum antioxidants

🌿It's full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, protein, healthy fat, phytonutrients, and has a probiotic boost with the miso

🌿I just use a sprinkle of soy sauce for the dressing, but you can improvise on this

🌿Kids version (second pic) is minus the capsicum and has Nori added - my kids love Nori!! I'm not a huge fan 😂

🌿I put the rice on to cook while chopping the veges, then prep the tofu, put veges onto steam, and fry the tofu

🌿My children are pretty good with veges, being bought up plant based, but they've definitely gone through fussy stages....

🌿If you struggle to get kids to eat veges, often raw vege snacks when they're hungry can be a good place to start, as well as adding grated or finely chopped veges to as many meals as possible. As well as continuing to offer them - it can take up to 4 tastes for kids to adapt to a new taste

🌿Crispy tofu - chop 300g block of firm tofu, dry, then toss in 1/2cup Cornflour, 1/2tsp salt and some pepper. Shallow fry till crispy. Even my non tofu loving oldest likes this 😉

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