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Udon tofu Sesame stir fry

I love stir fry vege meals - quick, fresh, versatile and so delicious!!

This is a tofu based vegan one with seasonal veges (including homegrown organic brocolli and spring onion )

You can use whatever veges you choose, the key is getting a mix of colours and flavours to maximise those phytonutrients and polyphenols

If you need gluten free then the noodles can be swapped with rice noodles or Buckwheat Soba noodles

I usually sprinkle sesame seeds on anything I can, they are packed full of healthy fats, protein and vitamins (in particular iron, magnesium, vitamin e, and b vitamins). They are also very high in calcium so are great if you're dairy free

Recipe as follows : 1 inch ginger and 4 garlic cloves finely chopped 1 head brocolli chopped into florets 1/2 head cauliflower chopped into florets 2-3 Carrots sliced into rounds 600g tofu drained and sliced into cubes 3-4 packets udon noodles 2 spring onions sliced 3 tbs Sesame seeds

Sauce: 3 Tbsp Soy sauce 1 Tbsp roast Sesame oil 1 Tbsp maple syrup Chili or sriracha to taste

Heat wok or large fry pan with small amount of oil or water Fry ginger and garlic for a few seconds until fragrant then chuck in all other veges apart from spring onion, with a bit of water While this it is cooking, fry tofu in another fry pan in oil (you can use the same pan and do this first if you want, I was in a rush!) Boil water and cook udon noodles as instructed Mix up sauce ingredients, once veges cooked enough (I prefer them crunchier) then add sauce and tofu to pan and cook for a few more minutes Serve sprinkled with Sesame seeds and spring onion - enjoy!!

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