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Vegan smoked paprika chorizo and chickpea stew!!

It's been an unusually wet few weeks here, which means I'm craving the sun ☀️

Since covid means no travel, channeling comfort food from warm places is the next best thing!!

Spain is one of my all time favourite countries - I love the sun, the sense of celebration and fun, the love of life, and the gorgeous scenery and people

But finding plant based food there can be a challenge - one of my best food memories was an incredible tiny local vegetarian restaurant in bilbao - where the menu was all in basque, but as there was no meat, we could try everything 😉

Since then I've tried to find as many vegan twists on traditional Spanish meals as I can - this one takes a hearty stew and uses vegan chorizo from the local farmers market @thevegetarianbutcher

The result is satisfying, full of flavour, packed with veges, and high in plant based protein. Just what you need on a cold grey day - enjoy!!

We had it with wholemeal spelt couscous for a wholegrain source, but you can choose the side dish - quinoa, crusty bread, or some green veges are also great ❤️

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