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I created the Simplicity Doctor after years of seeing patients who were unwell and frustrated with their health, yet didnt know how to improve it

Wanting to be able to help people find out what was really causing their symptoms, and empowering them to fix this, led me into lifestyle medicine

So much of health seems complicated, yet when you go back to basics, its actually six common themes - a whole food plant focused diet, good sleep, reducing stress, physical movement, social connection, and avoiding harmful substances. 

Using this framework is so simple, evidence based, and effective.


Best of all, it gives you the tools to improve your health both now, and for the rest of your life

Most medical conditions can be improved with lifestyle medicine - although I have a particular interest in gut health, diabetes and prediabetes, autoimmune disease, womens health (including menopause), and the role of inflammation and stress in illness.

Come join me on  your your journey to wellness!

Balancing Rocks
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