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What is lifestyle medicine?

What is lifestyle medicine, and why do we practice it?

I discovered lifestyle medicine a few years ago, and was instantly hooked.


The blend of scientifically backed research, the focus on using food as medicine, and the taking a whole person approach, combines to create a powerful way to prevent and reverse illness

Lifestyle medicine takes a holistic view of health, looking at all the determinants of health, and how these interplay to cause disease

It is simple, affordable, and highly effective, and becoming a rapidly developing speciality worldwide. There is a wealth of research emerging that proves lifestyle medicine approaches can be incredibly powerful in improving health and managing (or even reversing) disease

Lifestyle medicine focuses on six pillars of health - nutrition, movement, stress management, healthy sleep, avoidance or reduction of substance use, and building social connections

Using a this structure means health professionals can truly get to the root of chronic issues, then use evidence based techniques to improve well-being

Its estimated that lifestyle factors account for up to 80% of chronic disease in developed nations – with many of these factors being highly reversible

In fact a large study published in 2011 showed that people who adopted all 4 ‘healthy lifestyle’ behaviours (not smoking, adequate exercise, a healthy diet, and limited alcohol consumption) were 63% less likely to die within the next 16 years (1)

The aim of lifestyle medicine is to give you the knowledge and tools to improve YOUR health, both now and in the future. It aims to complement traditional medicine, to bring together the best of both worlds. 


Come along, and take the first steps towards a healthier happier you!


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