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Want to take a balanced yet holistic approach to your health?

I offer individualised lifestyle and nutrition appointments, where we create an targeted, evidence based plan to work on those areas that are bothering you

What does a lifestyle medicine appointment involve?

In your appointment, we start with a detailed questionnaire (emailed to you in advance) that assesses your current health, medical history, family history, medications, lifestyle, nutrition, areas of concern, and goals

This is used to look at areas that are causing issues, as well as barriers to change

We then create a personalised evidence based treatment plan, centred around implementing targeted lifestyle medicine principles into your life (nutrition, sleep, stress reduction, physical activity, and social connectedness).

If you have recent blood test results please bring them with you, I can also order these during your appointment as needed, and results would be discussed in a followup face to face or phone appointment.


In general I try to avoid unfunded laboratory testing if possible, and I do not sell or provide supplements, or receive commissions for products or services

My aim is to provide you with simple achievable strategies that you can implement in your life both now and in the future - to become well and stay well


YOU are in charge of what changes you make, and when and how you make them - I am there to advise, guide, and help you along the way

The key to lifestyle medicine is giving you tools and knowledge to improve your own health long-term!

I can provide in person or virtual consults (phone or video), depending on your preference and location - (New Zealand only)

COSTS: $285 for initial 1 hour appointment

$140 for 30 min follow-up appointment.

Most people prefer to work on their health over several appointments (or have regular scheduled follow-ups to keep track of their health goals) however there is no obligation to do so.

I also provide a summary to take back to your regular doctor if you prefer to follow-up with them

If you need a longer initial appointment (ie for complex needs), this can be arranged by prior arrangement and will be charged accordingly.

In person consults are at Haven Health Collective, 127 Hardy Street, and have limited availability

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How is lifestyle medicine different?

Lifestyle medicine is at the very core of healthy living.

It is based on the latest scientific evidence, and combines this research with conventional medical knowledge, health coaching, behaviour change, and motivational strategies, to create an approach that empowers you to take control of your health. 

Its simple yet highly effective.

You will need to stay enrolled with your family doctor (GP) for all routine medical care and medication changes - lifestyle medicine complements this rather than replacing it.

I can work together with your GP or specialist to optimise care and provide continuity for ongoing needs. 


You will also be provided with a summary of lifestyle goals and recommendations for ongoing care you can take back to your family doctor

My aim is to provide you with the knowledge and autonomy to take control of your health, and even reduce or stop medications when appropriate

As lifestyle medicine is simple and based on best practice evidence, other medical professionals are generally very supportive of the advice given.


I also work as a GP, and as a result have good working relationships with other doctors and health professionals in the area

Most health conditions can be improved with lifestyle medicine, as its at the heart of healthy living


 Issues where lifestyle medicine can be particularly helpful include womens health and hormonal issues (menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS), gut issues (leaky gut, IBS, IBD, diverticulitis, reflux), fatigue, autoimmune disease/allergies, metabolic problems (diabetes, prediabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome) and cardiovascular disease (hypertension, heart disease)

I can also give targeted advice for general wellness, proactive health, and disease prevention

If you would like more information please visit the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine 

Lifestyle Medicine - Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

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