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Changing perspective 💙

👣I snapped this pic the other day - while it looks like clouds in the sky, it's actually looking into the ocean on a very calm day!!

👣It's a great illustration of how the lens through which we view the world can influence our perception of reality - what we think we see may not actually be the full picture

👣Sometimes if you're having a hard time, or just a bad day, stepping back and gaining a different perspective on the situation can completely alter things, even though the situation itself may not change

👣When a situation is tough, we can look at two things:

-what we can change in the situation

- whether it's the situation that needs to change, or simply our perception of it

👣Having the courage to change things we need to change, the serenity to accept the things we can't, and the wisdom to know the difference, is such a vital skill to learn

👣For example if your kids are playing up, try looking at why this is occurring (are they tired /hungry /unsettled) rather than getting frustrated at the behaviour itself. And looking at whether your reaction to it is affecting things as well - then looking at what can change to improve things

👣If your work colleagues or partner are being irritating, thinking about why they might be doing this, and how your reaction plays a part in this, can help you gain a sense of perspective

👣Gratitude also plays a huge part - thinking of things you are grateful for in the situation /with a person changes your outlook to a positive one.

👣The more you focus on what is good on the situation, the happier you become, even if the situation itself doesn't change

👣This doesn't mean ignoring the negative or putting up with toxic or unsafe situations - these need to be acknowledged and dealt with as needed.

👣But thinking about whether it's the situation /person that's the problem, or your perception /reaction, can really help to work through it

👣The less you have the more you appreciate things - the grass is not always greener on the other side, it may just be the lens you are viewing it through 😉

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