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Children and stress - creating simplicity

💙Stress is at the root of so many health issues in the Western world - it's estimated that up to 80% of visits to GPs are for stress related illness.

💙 Children are affected by stress just as much as adults, they just show it in different ways as they often can't identify or express it (often comes out as unsettled behaviour, tantrums, clinginess, sore tummies, trouble concentrating at school, poor sleep, behaviour issues etc).

💙Cluttered lives, while well meaning, often create stress for the whole family

💙Simplifying children's lives in our busy world is not easy, but so worth it 😊

💙It also creates healthy habits for life, kids are just as vulnerable to the effects of chronic stress as adults, with its long term health consequences

💙Simplifying life is something we've been consciously trying to do with our own children over the past year, and we've noticed a huge difference in the whole family. We are all happier, healthier, more relaxed, and closer as a family

💙When stress is absent, it means you can bond and connect with each other on a much deeper level, which actually creates resilience and better health in your children and yourselves

💙Taking another perspective on what is actually necessary vs expected is going against societal norms.... but then, what's really normal, and what do our kids really need?!

💙Try decluttering just a few things in your children's life, and watch as they blossom and grow 😊🌸

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