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How to eat mindfully for health

Do you want to improve your health? Lose weight? Eat to help a specific issue?

Mindful eating is a way of eating that can help with virtually everything - it's not a diet, it's an entire philosophy of how and why and what we eat

SO many people have difficult or dysfunctional relationships with food - restrictions, extreme diets, viewing food as something to avoid, being afraid of food, guilt, emotional eating, overeating or undereating

Healthy relationships with food come from changing food into a positive, enjoyable experience where the focus is on appreciating food and nourishing our bodies - including a balanced variety of whole foods

First, think about WHAT you eat :

- view your body as precious, and worthy of nourishing, rather than something you just feed out of necessity

-think of how foods can help your body and give it what it needs, and try to include as big a variety of whole foods in a balanced way

-food is meant to be enjoyed, but so often it ends up being a chore. Try find healthy foods you love to eat and prepare!

Next, think of WHY you eat :

- try to become aware of your bodies cues. Are you eating from hunger, or is it due to boredom /fatigue /to fill a void? Eating for pleasure is fine, but if you find yourself regularly reaching for food when you aren't actually hungry, this can lead to overeating

- hunger and satiety naturally regulate appetite, but if you override these then eventually the natural control is lost. Connecting back in with your bodies cues is SO important. Stress and sleep deprivation also interfere with hunger cues, try to become aware of when this is happening

Last, think of HOW you eat :

-mindful eating is being aware and appreciative of the whole process - from buying /harvesting food, to preparing and eating it

-its super common for people to just grab the easiest thing, then wolf it down as quickly as possible, often while distracted

-this again overrides hunger cues, reduces enjoyment, and even affects digestion

-focus on each step, eat slowly, ideally with others

Try it - you won't ever go back!!

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