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Self compassion and health

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.'

Jack Kornfield

Self compassion is such a huge part of health and wellbeing, yet so often it is viewed as a failing

In the wellness industry, there is a massive pressure to be perfect - to eat a perfect diet, have perfect health, be a perfect weight and appearance, and live a perfect life

Yet life does not work like this - even the healthiest people get sick

In medicine we see this often - the guilt people sometimes feel can be massive, when despite their best efforts things go wrong

Self compassion is realising life is unpredictable, and that even when plans fail, we can accept this and move forward

Self compassion is NOT:

-self pity


-a form of complacency

-self indulgent

It is practicing the same compassion towards ourselves, that we give to others

Building failure into health and wellbeing means that rather than giving up or spiralling into self criticism, we can accept it and move forward 💙

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