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Working from home this lockdown and finding it tricky?

Lockdowns can be hard, and working from home while dealing with a new structure and environment adds extra challenges (especially with young kids!)

@memo.memoment and I have teamed up again to bring you the working from home lockdown survival guide

Setting up your work environment makes a huge difference, it helps create a work 'mindset' and makes it easier to transition from home to work

Try the following tips :

  • stick to a regular schedule like you would at work. This helps to structure the day and reduce the chance of distraction

  • make a separate office space to the rest of the house (if possible) to create a psychological divide. Try to keep this clutter free and tidy, it helps stress levels and concentration - a quick clean up at the end of each day means you can start the next day fresh

  • have a meal plan to reduce grazing and snacking (this tends to mean healthier food choices). Ie have a set morning /lunch /afternoon tea time, and think ahead of what you'll eat.

  • If you need snacks in the office, aim for healthier choices such as raw nuts and fruit, as these keep concentration,energy, and blood sugar levels more stable

  • Try avoid sugary snacks or drinks as these tend to be easy to overeat on, and also lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes

Your routine during the work day also makes a difference :

  • Take regular breaks from the screen Ie setting a timer for 25min then having a 5 min break to get up and move

This avoids long periods of immobility After 4 cycles take a 15-30min break, again with movement, and ideally fresh air

  • get out for excerise if you can at lunch, it helps counteract sitting all day. It also helps afternoon concentration and reduces fatigue

  • If you feel sore and stiff by the end of the day, try some gentle stretches, a warm bath/shower, or a guided relaxation

  • leave work at work - try to create a work home boundary ie turn off work emails and phones in the evening, have a set start and finish time, have some screen free time after you finish to 'switch off'. Exercise after work is also great

Don't forget to smile!!! Its a tough time right now, but it wont be forever

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