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Creating change

Often when people start on a health journey, it's so hard to know where to start and what to do - it can feel overwhelming

There is sooo much information out there, and so many different opinions - no wonder people feel confused!!

With any change, you want to create lasting habits, rather than jumping into something head first, then giving up after a few months

The secret to change is actually so simple - taking small manageable steps one at a time, making them habit, then moving to the next step

We ALL know motivation and enthusiasm only lasts for short while - if that was all we needed then everyone would succeed with new things

Science shows that people who make change, and stick with it in the long term, are those who make change into habit, and don't rely just on willpower

I use a strategy called SMART goals, it's highly effective at helping you make and stick with the changes you want

It stands for : Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely

Taking this stepwise approach, I've seen people make incredible health transformations, and stick with them!!

I'll use an example to explain a bit more :

Often people want to cut down added sugar in their diet, which is a great goal, and can often improve health in days

Yet going 'cold turkey' is really hard, and so often you'll end up giving in when life gets challenging - then you decide its too hard and call it off

A far better way is to use SMART goals:

Look through your current diet (honestly!) and identify where that sugar is coming from (common sources are cereals, processed sauces, soft drinks, baking, and hot drinks)

Then choose ONE of these, the one you'll miss least

I'll use soft drinks as an example

Specific - 'I'm going to reduce soft drinks' Measurable -' Im going to swap out one of these each day for an unsweetened option ie herbal tea Achievable - 'I feel like I'll be able to do this' Realistic - 'I know if I cut out all sugar at once I'll find it too hard' Timely - 'I'm going to do this for 2 weeks initially'

Then once you make this step a habit, move to the next one - it's surprisingly easy!!

Have you tried this, and how was it?

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