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Simplicity in health

'Out of clutter find simplicity

From discord find harmony

In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity'

(Albert Einstein)

🌱I have worked as a medical doctor for 17 years, and over this time have gone from believing medicine fixes everything, to realising there is how much we don't know, and how much there is yet to discover

🌱While modern medicine works for many things, our current system really doesn't give us the time or ability to look deeply into what lies beneath people's illnesses, or the tools to help achieve wellness beyond medication and acute care

🌱I am not against pharmaceuticals by any means, as I've seen them save many lives,

🌱Yet even though we know that up to 80% of chronic disease is due to lifestyle, we often don't have the time or knowledge in medical appointments to fix this

🌱Two things have changed the way I view health, and practice :

- Discovering minimalism, mindful meditation, nutrition, and yoga, and noticing the profound effect on the lives of myself and my family

- Seeing how some patients live a rich, rewarding and life full of health, while others are perpetually unhappy and unwell

🌱This made me look deeper into health and wellbeing - what makes a happy fulfilled existence, and what is at the root of both illness and health?

🌱I believe simplifying life is one of the keys to this - eating simply and well and enjoying food, moving our bodies in a way we love, truly connecting with others, getting good rest, nourishing our bodies and minds, and being present and content in each moment

🌱I created the simplicity doctor to share what I have discovered along the way, and continue to discover - based on science, but with a different perspective

🌱I hope you enjoy these posts, and that they help you on your path to real health and wellbeing ❤️

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