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Simplifying health

Does health seem too complicated and confusing? Is is hard to know what's 'right'?

Luckily, the science on what makes us well is actually fairly simple - here's all you need to know❤️

Diving deeper into the research reveals a few common themes.

These are doing the basics right ( nutrition, sleep, stress, movement, social connection, avoiding of harmful substances), and consistently

Look at how humans live, in cultures where being healthy and happy for many years is the norm

These differ in ethnicity, diet, and traditions, but also have big similarities

They are :

🌱Food: diets predominantly whole plant foods (not necessarily vegan, but plant focused), with a large diversity, are consistently linked with health and longevity.

As the famous quote says 'eat whole food, mostly plants, not too much'!

🌱Excerise - move your body regularly. This doesn't have to be the gym (in fact excerise in nature is best), but move your body on a daily basis, in a way you enjoy

Excerise is also consistently linked to better health and longevity - at least 7000 steps /day with 2-3 days /week of some form of resistance training appears to be optimal

🌱Prioritise sleep - sleeping less than 7h/night increases risk of many diseases and death. It's so important! Circadian rhythm is also part of this - eat and sleep at regular times, and have a fasting period overnight of at least 12h for the body to rest

🌱Stay socially connected, and don't be afraid of touch. Humans are wired for connection, the kindness gene is one of the oldest in our dna!! Loneliness has a similar health impact to smoking. Physical touch is important, it releases healthy hormones and reduces stress

🌱Stress - become aware of stress, and practice stress resilience. I've posted lots on this, it's vital for health. Untreated chronic stress is harmful

🌱Avoid toxins - this includes cigarettes, minimising alcohol, and trying to limit exposure to household /occupational chemicals and environmental pollutants

🌱Find your passion and meaning - we all need a sense of purpose, its what keeps us going and makes life feel worthwhile. If you haven't found yours yet, make looking for it a priority!

Stay well ❤️

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